Transform Your Career:
Build a Portfolio-Ready Project with Our Free Django Workshop


Hands-on Experience


Portfolio Project


Professional Networking


Skill Enhancement


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What You'll Build

We'll work together to build an Event Registration System - a project that's not just great for learning, but also a valuable addition to your job portfolio. We'll meet once a week for a focused one-hour session, where you'll work through adding a new feature to the project, making sure you get plenty of hands-on experience.

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    Collaborative learning in weekly sessions.

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    Hands-on web development experience with Django.

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    Flexible learning path to accommodate your pace.

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    End the workshop with a great portfolio project.

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    Help available through the dedicated Discord community.

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    Make connections that last with fellow attendees.


What You'll Gain


Industry Veteran Guidance

Learn web development from a 15 year industry veteran.


Office Hours

Coaches are ready to help with the project on our dedicated Discord server.


Dedicated Workspace

Circumeo provides complementary Django hosting for the workshop.


Free Workshop

There is no cost associated with this workshop.


Workshop Itinerary

The workshop will be a series of 4 weekly virtual meetings, each lasting an hour, where instructor and attendees collaborate.

Week 1

We'll start with an intro to Django and build the foundations of the event registration system. In this session, we'll build the models that represent data in the application.

Week 2

During week two, we'll start building views and templates to give the application a user interface. We'll also cover testing, why it's important, and how to write tests.

Week 3

In session three, we'll cover more advanced features of the application, such as searching for events by date and category.

Week 4

For the final session, the focus will be on attendees implementing a feature for the application that makes their portfolio project unique.

Meet the instructor


Zach Todd

Full stack developer

Hi there, I'm Zach, a full stack developer with 15 years of industry experience.

My coding journey started with Python, and over the years I've tried many web frameworks, but I always end up coming back to Django. I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm for Django with you!



How much programming experience do I need for this workshop?

The ideal attendee has some previous programming experience, such as writing simple scripts. Beginners are welcome, but other workshops may be better suited for those with no programming experience.

When does the workshop begin and how many can attend?

Registration will be open until March 23rd, 2024. We'll keep the size of the sessions small, with a goal of having 10 attendees per session. A wait-list will be maintained in case openings occur after the workshop has started.

Are there any fees or costs associated with the workshop?

No. The workshop is free to all attendees. Optional free Django hosting is also provided by Circumeo.

What do I need to have in order to attend?

You'll need a laptop or desktop computer with a stable Internet connection. You may also want to use your own code editor, but a free online editor will also be provided.