Django Deployment
Made Simple

Circumeo is a specialized deployment platform for the Django ecosystem. Because we're focused on Django, you can be up and running in a minute or less.

Deploy Django Faster Than Any Other Platform

Deploy your Django App
with 1 Minute and 2 Clicks

Go from a brand new Django project to online in a minute or less. We do it all: provision a PostgreSQL database, run migrations, set up TLS certificates, and more, all within a minute.

Rapid Deployment

Simplicity is at the core of the platform. Because the platform is built from the ground up with Django in mind, deployment couldn't be easier or faster.

Go from code to online in a minute or less. You don't even need a Dockerfile, Procfile, or any other kind of configuration to get started.

Django First Tooling

Our tooling is built around Django. This means you can securely interact with your production instance almost as if it was running on your machine.

The Circumeo CLI makes working with your deployed instances secure and convenient. Run Django management commands or launch the interactive shell to work directly with your deployed instances, all from your own computer.

Django Performance Insights

Identify performance hotspots or bottlenecks in your Django app. Our automated code profiler understands Django apps out of the box, and delivers a detailed line-by-line analysis.

You can turn profiling on and off for specific views without any extra configuration.

Advanced Celery Integration

Celery is the background processing framework of choice for most Django developers.

The platform can scale workers on demand or according to a schedule. You can monitor performance with our advanced analytics, and receive notifications when metrics go outside thresholds.


Free Tier

CPU 1 shared
Memory 256 MB
Dedicated Storage None (Temporary only)
Always On No
Python Shell Yes
PSQL Shell Yes
Custom Domains No
Automated TLS Certificates No
Outbound Networking Outbound connections only to allow-listed domains

Pro Tier

CPU 1 shared
Memory 512 MB
Dedicated Storage 1 GB
Always On Yes
Python Shell Yes
PSQL Shell Yes
Custom Domains Yes
Automated TLS Certificates Yes
Outbound Networking Unlimited

Main Advantages

As A Developer You Can

Django developers can enjoy a deployment platform dedicated to the framework they love. Experience tooling crafted specifically for Django instead of generic platforms that take hours to configure.

Reduce the time to release with a streamlined deployment pipeline.

Use easy rollbacks to deliver features to end users with peace of mind.

Connect to the Django shell or to PostgreSQL with ease to diagnose and debug issues.

Track down performance bottlenecks quickly and easily with Django Insights.